Cell Phone Policy

The use of devices during instructional time without the permission of the teacher, is prohibited.  


Students are only permitted to use electronic devices during breaks, but are requested to remember that Theatre is an interpersonal activity, and is more successful if all the participants get to know each other in the time that they have together. 


No student shall use a cell phone or communication device to behave in an antisocial manner, including, but not limited to bullying or unwelcome communication with any Starshine participants. Sharing of photos without permission is prohibited, as is the sharing of copyrighted material. 


To promote the capacity for imagination, the ability to interact freely, to think with clarity, focus and creativity, and the space to develop person-to-person relationships, we ask that all students keep their phones in their bags at Starshine, unless absolutely necessary.  Failure to respect this will be brought to the care-giver’s attention, and repeated offences could result in the student being withdrawn from the program without a refund. 

Age Requirement

Participants must be aged 6 years old to be included in our youngest class.  We do not accept students who have already turned 17 years old or older. Students move up through the classes based largely on age, but also taking ability and maturity into consideration, at the discretion of our teachers, and ultimately the Artistic Director.  

Rehearsal Attire and Costumes

For rehearsals and classes, performers are required to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in.  Jazz pants or dance shorts are ideal. Black jazz shoes are required for dance class. 

Hair must be up and off the face. 

Starshine provides costumes for its productions except in certain circumstances.  You are required to provide specified undergarments, shoes, etc. We will make every effort to keep additional costs to you low. 

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