North Boulder has a brand new Performing Arts school, and registration is now open for 2020. Our program runs alongside the school year, providing a triple threat education to all our students, in one location.  For approximately $15 per hour, your child can learn to dance, sing and act concurrently from highly experienced, skillful and accomplished teachers in a fun and supportive environment.

SING! All our students get an hour of singing class every week.  Learn age-appropriate songs from a wide variety of styles, with an emphasis on Musical Theatre repertoire.

ACT!  All our students get an hour of drama class every week. Play theatre games, develop characters, learn scenes, explore improv and many other elements of theatre.

DANCE!  All our students get an hour of dance class every week. Explore the many different styles of dance that feature in Broadway musicals, from elements of ballet to jazz to hip hop, and more!

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